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TDS 76 - Early Adoption Developer

Episode Summary

In this episode, I'm going to focus on comparing two continuous delivery platforms. My recommendation as you find platforms to host on is to try the new ones and some side projects on there, some side projects, uh, as you build and grow them. This will support your growth as an engineer as you grow with them.

Episode Transcription

Episode 76 of this developing story.


This is the third time I've recorded. This, heard the trash coming. So I had to run downstairs and take the trash out. But this is a podcast and this is actually an excerpt of a live stream. I've done over the weekend. If you're aware or you haven't been following me on YouTube, definitely check out like robot there.


I post videos every week on my developing story, but also just automation building projects and get actions. And I've been doing this live stream too. Really just pick up my podcasts where I left off. So I went into it in the last episodes that I put check out the previous episode and more details about that.


But this podcast episode, I'm going to be focused on two continuous delivery platforms and it came out of a tweet. I sent. A couple months ago asking where people are hosting their node servers. And if you're interested in that full conversation, again, go check out the YouTube channel. For that conversation, this is an excerpt of me just identifying really good ways to grow your career.


As you find platforms and projects to that are growing. Some of these. Hosting providers that do continuous delivery they're up and coming just like you. And I highly recommend that you try them and put some serious projects on there, some side projects as you build and grow them because you'll be able to leverage it, support channel leveraged co-founders leveraged your engineers to answer questions as you're learning.


How hosting and servers and networking and all that other stuff works. And it's exactly what I did. I ended up working out and working for one of these providers and leveled up my career tremendously just being. On the cutting edge of a change in the ecosystem. So I hope you got insight from this short conversation.


And also I hope you get insight from the YouTube channel as well, where you can find again, the full conversation there. So without further ado, here we go. They are, they basically are at a position where a lot of these newer platforms are where they have a lot of. Momentum. I think they have to have VC funding as well.


That's probably why they were at disrupt. So they have all the momentum and the VC funding, and they're like a scrappy team willing to do what it takes to appease users which is something that I really appreciate in newer projects as, because I can go in there and be me solo developer.


And this is something that I guess, keep in mind when you choose providers. And the reason why I'm doing, I didn't quite explain what I'm doing. I'm doing a little showcase of all these different providers and talking through them and coming to a conclusion of what decision I'm making for the projects I mentioned upfront.


So that's the goal here, but what I'm getting at is the. Because they're young scrappy, they have a lot to prove you as a solo developer, you could have a lot of influence on the future roadmap and their product before they start really focusing on an enterprise. It's something I saw at Netlify.


We catered a lot to the single solo developer folks who that's building a lot of cool things, writing a lot of cool blog posts and doing a lot of cool video series. So I bring this up because it's a nice thing to have like access to the team access to support a lot of times with these teams.


They'll have a support channel. That's mostly, that's free for all users. Eventually they'll cut, they'll shut it down to like forum support or something like that, where you just hit, you have to ask a question in the form and you can answer in a couple of days or 24 hours, but these are, this is the type of place that I like to leverage, because then I get a lot of good feedback about how to do things.


I'm not the best developer. So when it comes to trying to figure out something. I'm able to have, a nice conversation with some of the developer on this product on how would I approach this? How would I approach that? If I go to varicella at this point, I can ask these little questions and be like, Hey I don't know how to do web sockets.


Are, do you have any like links to examples of how to get a website up and running? They'll probably give me a link, but if I'm just like blank, slate needs some help they will be slow to respond. For example, when I asked for a free account for my open-source project it was like probably a week later.


And by then I was like, ready, moved on to another platform. So it took a bit of time for them to actually get back to me. So it's this, that sort of experience and like what you're trying to get out of it. A lot of times people don't want to use support. They just want to figure it out on their own which is also totally fine, but what the minimal usage they have for example, on the stream of Twitch, I get about anywhere from 15 to 30 people who show up on the stream.


So if I have an interaction or a web socket, that's running on one of these services, I have to account for that much usage of folks using that. So if I'm playing video or audio it's going to start adding up pretty quickly if I do a four hour stream. So here I can see 206 users. So right off the bat, if I were to use anything, one of these services for opensource, I have to consider 200 people, at least 200 people leveraging those services and what that actually means for.


PE, so I am pretty much ignoring the free tier because I think I'm going to hit, I'm going to exceed the minimum for the free tier and actually move into the the actual pay tier, especially when I talk about databases, because that's something that I know I'm gonna I'm data upfront for. I cannot say it enough where.


New developers, young developers, growing developers, finding a platform that is growing and up and coming is an excellent way to really grow your career. And I hope that you can take me as a growing platform. BWI is where I do most of my hosting and live streaming. So definitely check that out. Also want to mention.


My newsletter subscribed that DWI as well. There you'll get information from me to your email on a bi-weekly basis. I look forward to future conversations. If you have any questions, find me in the discord, open sauce, pizza, click the discord link there. You can connect with me directly. Ask me questions.


I would love to love, leverage the discord for Q and A's in the future for this podcast. So please make your way there and stay saucy.